Smart Phones: For All Those Who Are Still Stuck With The Older Versions!

 Smart Phones: For All Those Who Are Still Stuck With The Older Versions!

In this modern time, life is pretty much unimaginable without a smart phone.  Now smart phone can work as computer and laptop too sometime, it provides features such as video editing, power point, excel and what not. Smart phones are also a very smart evidence bearer.  Also it is not really essential to have a computer or laptop to watch movies and play games. You can have it all, if your smart phone has a good random access memory (RAM) and an efficient processor. In terms of playing games – it is all possible with smart phone but you just need to have a good processor inside the device. Standing in a long queue is not boring anymore because your smart phone is all ready to keep you entertained.

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Checking mails and online payments have also become the easiest with smart phone. In whatever state you are, no matter how far from your house, you can always make online payments through your phone. There are places where you may catch your pocket short on cash but there is nothing to worry until you have a phone.

The advanced Operating systems

There are different kinds of operating systems for different smart phones. In our country the majority of smart phone users prefer android based operating system where another part of users go for iPhones, which is window based operating system. Android is user friendly and common among people. But when it comes to iPhone, it is always superior and classier.

Now Affordability

Customers always crave for good products at affordable price. iPhone is anyway a symbol of class and quality in India. Although the origin of iPhone is United States, the iPhone fever has already grown among the users of our country. Due to its better hardware and longevity, people always go for the best model that matches their budget. The latest model of iPhone is iPhone 9 which is to be released nearly. The release date will be announced on 12th September this year. Rumor says, iPhone 9 is hoped to be the sequel of iPhone 8. But the device will carry some extraordinary features like render video. iPhone 9 will be available in several online sites, which will also be announced on the launching day. It will come in some new bright and bold colors.

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Some Fascinating Features And Specification Of Iphone 9

  • iPhone 9 will have fingerprint sensor in it. Users will be allowed to unlock their phone with the touch of a single fingertip. But it is to make sure that the fingerprint is already recorded previously.
  • The device will have several types of sensor that will include a Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope.
  • iPhone 9 will offer you a 64 GB inbuilt internal memory. But the only disadvantage is, the memory is not expandable which not a very remarkable problem is.
  • It provides a fast charging USB with 2050 mAh battery life that is undoubtedly long lasting. The image resolution of iPhone 9 will be 4608 x 2592 Pixels.


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