Robotics in the farming industry

Robotics in the farming industry

A few years ago, probably very people thought the farming industry would ever need robots to boost the efficiency of green houses and vertical farms. Today it is a reality and robots are helping to increase farm produce in more ways than before. The goal of most of the farm owners using robots is to use the technology to produce larger volumes of yield within a controlled environment. As a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots, is at hand to offer some of the best and safest flexible robotics to help grow the produce.

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Why use robots in farming?

Farming requires a lot of human force. It is a tedious job and sometimes comes with several risks that include health and injuries. Many people from all over the world today are turning into indoor farming by using the latest technologies to produce as much as possible without fearing the effects of weather changes. This is because indoor farming today has systems put in place to cope with the weather changes that could affect the crops. Robotic indoor farming is one of the technologies taking centre stage in the farming revolution.  Below are some of the reasons why farmers are going with the new robotic indoor farming technology to increase efficiency and yield.

·        Increasing yield

Robots can work non-stop for 24 hours and 365 days without taking a break. Humans cannot work for more than 10 hours a day without tiring. They take frequent breaks and off days, which affects production. With the use of robots, farm owners can grow crop throughout the year. This is so especially for farmers that are using indoor systems because they do not have to worry about the changing weather conditions. During winter, they have lights, heating systems to make sure the crops do not die off because of the cold, and during summers, they have systems to cool the environment.

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·        Avoids monotony

Farming requires tedious and repetitive actions that can sometimes become boring. By using the robotic indoor farming technology, human workers can now leave the repetitive jobs to the robots and take on other tasks. These are tasks like rotation of containers to get enough sun for the crops, using the conveyor belts to place items, packing ready produce, transplanting seedlings, changing the watering and lighting systems and many more.

·        Cuts down on costs

By incorporating robots, many of the farmers are cutting down on many costs. These range from labour costs to machine costs. Using robots means cutting down on the people you will employ to do the farm work. Robots do not need a monthly salary or daily wages. All you need is their maintenance costs, which you can do a few times in a year. Though you cannot get rid of all the human staff, you will reduce the number by a big margin.

Humans also make many mistakes maybe due to fatigue or simple carelessness. This leads to many of the farm tools and machines breaking down which leads to using money to fix them. Robots work using a program that makes them extremely careful. They handle the tools and other farm machineries with better care than humans do thus saving on repair and maintenance costs.

·        Safety

Farming is also a risky business. Cases of accidents from the farm tools some of which can be fatal are very common in this industry. By using robotic indoor farming system, these reduce or become non-existent. Robots are tools and cannot hurt if anything fell on them. They also handle farming tools carefully and any accidents would be unlikely to take place. Some of the jobs can also lead to health problems like spraying pesticide, and using fertilisers.

·        Diversity

A robot can do several tasks that may take several humans to accomplish. One single robot can water the plants or change the watering system, weed, change the lighting system, plant, harvest, and package and even take the inventory.

·        Fast

Robots get the work done faster. What humans can do in let’s say a week; a robotic can finish in a day. This comes back to saving on costs and producing more.

Wrapping it up

Though robotic indoor farming system is yet to catch up with many people opting for better yield from indoor farming, it makes everything easier than it was before. With manufacturers like universal robots manufacturing the trendiest robots in the market, the farming industry is going to become one of the best in the economic growth.


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