Openarena: FPS game for ubuntu users.

Openarena: FPS game for ubuntu users.

I was on a search for a ‘BIG’ game that could be used on ubuntu desktop and my search ended up on ‘Openarena’. Openarena is a FPS (first-person shooter) game suitable to those above 17 due to violent and racy content. It can run on Linux, Mac OS X, and all 32-bit flavors of Windows that I know of (that supports

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OpenGL. This includes Windows 95). If you can run “one of those other 3d shooters” you can probably run OpenArena. You can run/play it on processors as slow as a Pentium 90MHz with 32MB of RAM, but it is recommended for at least a PII 233MHz processor, with at least 96MB of RAM, for any playability.

Openarena is now one of my favourite games for Linux and I request you to give  it a try   . You may download Openarena from here :



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