Nokia 2626 : A brief review!

Nokia 2626 : A brief review!

Nokia 2626 is an ordinary color phone from the house of Nokia designed for those who need a stylish, colorful, trendy, well priced phone. Nokia has included a FM radio for those who need music on the go. Starts with the design, the phone has no control buttons on its sides, except from the two loud speakers located at the top and right hand sides of the phone. And at the bottom side the charger input jack and the 2.5mm audio jack are placed along with the slot.

Nokia 2626

Nokia 2626 has a 27×27 mm display with a screen resolution of 128×128 pixels, having 65K colors. The picture quality is good in normal conditions but it gets washed out in the sun light. The keypad of this phone is pretty good and comfortable as well. The buttons are large enough to prevent wrong dialing of numbers. Nokia has placed shortcuts for activating silent mode and radio. One can simply start the radio by pressing longer the key “*”, by pressing the “#”key longer can activate the silent mode, and you can open the homepage by pressing and holding the zero key. It has a four way navigation key system, which is not so impressive; a person with large thumbs will face some difficulties with the not so easy navigation keys. The phone has two functional keys as well, while the left one is dedicated for menu, but you can even customize the right button function to lock the phone! The bright white keys are very good, making it easy to read the key captions.

This 91 g. phone has a quite powerful Li-Iron battery at 970 mAh. Offering a decent 300 hours of stand by and 3 hours of call time. If you use the phone for gaming, the battery can sustain up to 2hours! As per Nokia the battery can keep the phone up and running up to 3 hours in call mode and up to 300 hours in stand by mode. As a regular user of this phone I would say battery is the best part of this colorful phone, while on normal usage it can stay uncharged for 5 days! Bad news for gamers, the phone can only last for 2 hours if you play games on it. I felt that sending SMS can also bring the battery down, if you are a text addictive, the phone will turn you off. Nokia 2626 need around 2 hours to charge from empty to full.

It has a 300 entry phone book and can access the SIM card memory as well. User has the option to switch between the phone and SIM card memory. And like every normal phone this device also allows you to send the SMS and MMS in the conventional way. Like every other Nokia phones available on the Indian market this too a dual band phone. Can work under GSM 900/1800 MHz bandwidths. When it comes to memory this phone lacks so many things that an average user will look for, a very small 2 MB internal memory can do nothing and no option to expand the memory as well. It has a built in clock. This phone comes out with some preloaded games, ring tones, wallpapers themes etc…

The GPRS capability will make the high speed data transfer possible; you can browse the internet on the phone, but certainly can’t use the phone as a modem! You can’t connect the phone to your PC for browsing. The phone does not have any camera, it can support various picture formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP etc…



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