How to transfer a c Panel account to DirectAdmin.

How to transfer a c Panel account to DirectAdmin.

The file structure and back-ups for both control panels are entirely different and its quite difficult to restore the files transfered from one to another control panel manually. There is a script available which can convert a cPanel back-up to the format that of a DirectAdmin. The convert process is quite simple.

Download the conversion script from here .

*You can download it using the terminal :

wget -c

*Create two directories import and export :

mkdir import export

*untar the script

tar -xzf da.cpanel.import.9.4.tar.gz

You will get two files and defaults.conf. is conversion script and defaults.conf is the configuration file.

*Copy the cPanel back-up into the import directory.

*Edit defaults.conf to match the DA server IP and nameservers.

*Execute the script to get the back-up converted.


*Back-up could be found inside export directory and you may get it restored.



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