How to open .uif files in Linux

How to open .uif files in Linux

The .uif files is created by Magic ISO, which is a windows application to create, edit, and extract CD/DVD image files. For windows there is a freeware tool called MaginDisk that can open UIF images. But in Linux, you have to convert it to an ISO image file to open it.

The fastest method to convert a UIF images to an ISO images is to use UIF2ISO. YUIF2ISO is a tool in Linux to convert a.uif file to .iso file. You can download and install this command line tool from here.

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After downloading, unzip the tool and navigate into the src directory.


cd src

Now compile the source by the following command :


make install

Once you are over with the installation of the program, follow these steps to open your UIF images.

  • To open the file, first convert the .uif file to an .iso with the following command.

uif2iso abcd.uif xyz.iso

  • Now burn the ISO image with K3b or any other burning tool, or mount the ISO image with the following command

#mkdir iso_dir

#mount xyz.iso iso_dir/ -t iso9660 -o loop

Isn’t this easy enough



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