How to Market Digitally Going into the Future?

How to Market Digitally Going into the Future?

There is a truth no business in today’s world can deny – marketing is as important as the products and services being offered to the customers. While an inspirational marketing campaign may not sell a bad product or service you also can’t sell good ones either without putting them in front of your customers’ eyes. Advertising or marketing has evolved in the last few decades. If you were growing up before the dawn of the millennia you’d recall how businesses used billboards, print media, radio and TV commercials to sell their products.

The advent of technology has turned traditional marketing strategies upside down. While digital marketing has been there for close to two decades now it is only in the last decade that it has come off age. Prior to the popularity of Internet and Social Media a digital marketing agency would have tough time selling its service. Digital marketing was considered optional for most businesses. Some dismissed it as a fancy thing that offered minuscule returns and had limited standing in a brand’s overall ad campaign. No business would dare saying this to a digital marketing company today.

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Old vs New Marketing Strategies

Going back to the days of billboards (include print ads, TV commercials and radio ads if you like) businesses believed that an ad needed to have two important elements – highlight the customers’ pain points, needs and desire and offer solutions with products and services. Advertisements with high sales pitch and promises (sometimes farfetched) won over the hearts and minds. Not anymore, today’s customers take such promises with a pinch of salt. They trust reviews and ratings of other customers more than what brands have to say. How consumers buy products has changed completely in the last decade and they won’t choose a product because it is advertised well. This is where Digital Marketing services can help you.

Brands Come Closer to Customers

Digital Marketing Services have brought brand closer to their customers. They have facilitated better scope of interactions and strengthened relationship between businesses and their customers. Ad campaigns have become more creative and highly personalized to address the consumers in first person instead of seeing them as a homogenous group. For instance the same travel destination may be well suited for a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon and a backpacking adventure. You need to sell it to your customers in a tailored way addressing their wants and showing them the value something which a digital marketing agency does better than your traditional marketer.

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Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

As digital marketing goes though evolution new trends are emerging and here are some trends you need to embrace going forward –

  • Tell your story – Since most customers tend to believe in real-life experience more than your sales pitch you need to capitalize on this human behaviour. Encourage your satisfied customers to share their experiences with others. Offer them incentives to create videos or blogs and publish them on your digital handles. Try this and it’ll work magic.
  • Got good reviews, share them – If you have come across good reviews and ratings about your brand on independent platform share them. More than 80% of today’s buying decisions are based on reviews and ratings and you can leverage them to the maximum.
  • Don’t fake it – Traditional marketing was fake or rather highlighted parameters and experiences that an average user would hardly see in normal conditions using these products and services. So instead of over-stated ads show real life experiences of your users.
  • Use Influencers – Influencers can do wonders to your digital marketing campaign. Find a credible person who is an expert on the product or service you are selling and ask them to review/endorse it. Your potential customers would listen to an expert more than they do when the campaign features a model or celebrity.

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 Avoid The Digital Minefield

If you have just begun your digital campaign it would seem like a cake walk compared to traditional marketing strategies. You don’t need to pay atrocious rents for billboards or run after a print agency to have your ad on a desired edition, page or date. Unlike traditional marketing mediums there are no limitations here and you can create as much content as you want. However the same creative and engaging platform can turn into a minefield and if you don’t tread with caution, it may take your campaign in a disaster.

As any professional digital marketing agency would tell you the biggest mistake to avoid is to create too much content and irritate your users. Too much of food is not good for the stomach and neither is too much of advertisement for any brand. If you are always in front of the users’ eyes trying to hard sell your products they can become circumspect and not listen to you. Remember as easy and cost effective it is for you to reach the users they can shut you up as easily. Once that happens, it is an uphill task to regain their attention and trust. The success mantra is to focus on quality of content and not quantity.

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Care About Your Customers

Your digital marketing initiative has to be on constant move. In the traditional funnel based system businesses were interested in bringing new customers and selling products and services to them. In the modern world you need to have your eyes as much on existing customers as you have on attracting new ones. Use your digital presence to offer customer services and introducing them to your new products and services. In the digital world if you care for your customers they would bring new customers to the fold.

To sum up the world of marketing is passing though one of its most crucial phases where digital marketing services have created more opportunities for business and also brought the customers closer. To leverage this evolution you need to sit down with your digital marketing company and embrace the latest trends in marketing.



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