Better Details for the Perfect Plugin Review for wordpress

Better Details for the Perfect Plugin Review for wordpress

WP Plugin is a lightweight and customizable extension that allows you to add reviews to your WordPress site. It offers the possibility to add opinions with three types of display:

  • ” stars “
  • ” number of points “
  • “Percentage”

Best plugins for customer reviews and testimonials – WP Review

At any time, you can switch from one to another by changing the settings on the extension setup page. Notes can be displayed before or after the content – and with the help of the shortcodes, inside the content itself. You can change colors, either generally or on a case-by-case basis on each post. As soon as a user clicks on a note, the average is automatically updated and displayed, as well as the number of votes. Users have an option to leave their reviews and comments, and you can choose whether to display them under your content.

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To conclude, this extension is well suited to developers, since it has many filters to fit your theme. And for technical support, it’s free for registered users of the extension.

With the Premium version of this plugin, you get an additional display in a circle to display the notes. It becomes possible to display these notes on the thumbnails images of the products. The size of the review-box can be adjusted and you can align it to the left or right. This version also offers very nice effects of loads. The use of the gives a proper option in the process now.

With WP Customer Reviews , you can set up a dedicated page to receive reviews for any product

The extension handles unwanted with various anti-spam measures. It includes the external style sheet so that you can change its appearance to fit the theme. The site admins may edit the content as well asthe date of reviews. They can also respond to reviews, and display the answer under each comment.

Best plugins for testimonials and recommendations

People working in the liberal sector – in areas such as creative, legal or medical – are unlikely to acquire a large clientele without having built a solid reputation for their name. And it is possible to acquire many by displaying the testimonials of satisfaction that your customers are ready to provide. The extensions below will help you collect and highlight these recommendations.

Testimonials Widget is a great choice for anyone wanting to display a wide panel of customer testimonials on his site. This extension is distinguished by its display options, such as carousel mode, fade transitions, responsive sliders, and an option for filtering by the category, tag, or the post ID. The plugin allows to include in the testimonials, not only text, but also images and videos. The testimonial can therefore be displayed by using features in your theme, shortcodes or widgets.

Testimonials Widget – Example

However, it may be necessary to know a little about CSS if you want to go beyond the basic style options. The Premium version offers many more features like premium shortcodes, caching, read more links and testimonial queries to your users, as well as better support.



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