• A New Bookie Is In Town!
    10:10 AM

    Are you a fan of placing bets? Do you love the thrill of winning a bet? Then you will be excited to know that a special betting app has been developed primarily for Android users! Now you can complete all your betting needs with the help of a fast, easy and user-friendly app that allows

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  • Robotics in the farming industry
    7:09 AM

    A few years ago, probably very people thought the farming industry would ever need robots to boost the efficiency of green houses and vertical farms. Today it is a reality and robots are helping to increase farm produce in more ways than before. The goal of most of the farm owners using robots is to

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  • What Can You Know About the PUBG Mobile Game?
    7:40 AM

    Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is one of the most popular games of the last year. Within the few days, it has been sold in millions before it has early access on steam and it has kicked off the battle of the other so-called royale games that people were crazy about. Now, this game is on

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