• Know The Benefits Of Space For Personal Storage
    4:01 PM

    If you are living in any place in Singapore and you are running out of space, then stop bugging yourself about what to do and getting upset that you might have to get rid of few things then this is the right place for you to find out as this provides you with the idea

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  • The Art of Making a Homemade Guitar 2
    6:40 AM

    Usually, when it comes to homemade instruments, we automatically think that it’s just a joke. Come on, how can a regular man/woman build a playable guitar without professional skills in carpeting, right? As you’ll learn in this how to make a homemade guitar tutorial, it’s not that hard to do it. Just make sure to

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  • Boost-up your firefox 3.0 browser
    2:31 PM

    Firefox 3.0 is the most commonly used browser on the internet. Here is a tip to tweak your firefox to increase the browsing speed. 1) Disconnect your computer from Internet. 2) Open your Firefox and type ‘ about:config’  on the address bar and hit the ‘Enter key’. 3) You may see a warning message now,

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  • Breathe in some fresh ‘Air’ with KDE 4.3.0 beta 1
    2:28 PM

    Seems like the wait for new version of KDE is almost over within the KDE Community after the first preview of the third iteration of the KDE Desktop, applications and development platform-KDE 4.3 Beta1. The KDE team is now in bug fixing mode in order to provide a smooth KDE 4.30. to end users in

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  • How to open .uif files in Linux
    2:27 PM

    The .uif files is created by Magic ISO, which is a windows application to create, edit, and extract CD/DVD image files. For windows there is a freeware tool called MaginDisk that can open UIF images. But in Linux, you have to convert it to an ISO image file to open it. The fastest method to

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    2:23 PM

    Hi all, here’s my new post. This time with MS Office ‘03 I was happened to read about an Easter egg in outlook 2000 and I tried the same in OE 2003, but it didn’t work. Though it didn’t I found a way to rearrange the menu’s in OE 2003. Here’s how Open Outlook 2003.

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  • Speed Up your Torrent Downloads !!!
    2:22 PM

    P2P file sharing is one of the widely used applications now days. The Torrent search engine is the utility which is excessively used in this context. As the young generation says “impatience is the new world”, means the generation can’t afford anything too slow, same is the case with torrent download. But there are some

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  • Complete installation steps for ‘OpenFire’
    2:20 PM

    “Openfire is a real time collaboration (RTC) server licensed under the Open Source GPL. It uses the only widely adopted open protocol for instant messaging, XMPP (also called Jabber). Openfire is incredibly easy to setup and administer, but offers rock-solid security and performance.” Installation of openfire is easy enough if you haven’t come across with

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  • Sorts of Tech Support Services to Include in Your Business
    2:35 PM

    With more organizations enjoying online business to help enhance business and customer it has turned out to be fundamental for every one of them to incorporate Tech Support administrations which will help cook for customer enquiry. These help administrations help enhance proficiency and cut administration troubles that organizations would other insightful need to provide food

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  • Burn your discs using K3b 1.66.0 alpha2 release
    2:23 PM

    K3b –  is the CD/DVD Kreator package for Linux  which is optimized for KDE . K3b is licensed under the GPL. K3b 1.66.0 comes with a bunch of bug fixes to the internal job classes and some small GUI fixes. There are still many open issues with the GUI which needs fixing. So 1.66.0 is

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