5 Reasons for Getting a Monitor Arm

5 Reasons for Getting a Monitor Arm

Monitor arms may look like something alien or too high tech for your environment. However, if you sit at your computer for hours at a time, you may want to consider adding a monitor arm to your desk monitor or even adding a separate monitor to your laptop computer. Your eyes, neck and back will thank you.

1. Desk Space Savings

We all usually find that having a monitor sitting on your desk takes up some much needed space. Even with a flat screen monitor’s low profile, it can still take up space that you could use for other things.

Managing your space in an office setting is critical to optimum production. Wall mounted monitor arms will raise your monitor off the desk, freeing up more of the essential space on your desk while still allowing you the most convenient viewing angle.

2. Healthier Work Environment

Your monitor should only be about an arm’s length from your eyes. It should also be slightly tilted away from your eyes so you don’t have to keep looking up or down to view the screen.

Attaching monitor stands allows you to put your monitor in just the right position to avoid repetitive motion of your neck and shoulders and reduce eyestrain.

With the monitor elevated to the level of your eyes, you should also be able to sit in an ergonomically correct and more comfortable position.

3. More than One Monitor

Many types of jobs require the use of more than one monitor screen. Adding desk mounts to your workstation enables you to use two more monitors at once without using up essential desk space, while keeping your monitor cables in tact when moving the monitors around.

4. Ideal for Adjustable Height Desks

Sometimes you stand at your desk; other times you sit at your desk. Every time you move, you need to adjust the position of your monitor. By installing monitor mounts, you can easily and quickly change the position of the monitor for your standing or sitting position.

5. Monitors as Adaptable as You Are

No matter what your work situation is, it is important to be comfortable and avoid any injuries from incorrect positioning. Constantly having to move your shoulders, neck or adjust your eyesight to see your monitor screen will eventually strain your body. Using monitor arms makes your monitor screen as adaptable as your working style and helps you work efficiently every day.

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